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What is Login page? is default page of router settings. This address required whenever you want to make any changes in your router settings. Though most of the time normal user don’t need to change any setting in order to use the internet but for changing wifi setting accessing your router is required. You’ll need to log in your router setting in order to change the wifi name and password. Accessing the login page is a simple process but not all routers have same login address. If you’re not getting any login page after typing in chrome then read the full article.
How to Find your Router Ip address?

there are many different types of routers available in the market, not all the routers login processor is the same. And trying to log in with won’t work with every router. some routers have their own login domains and different IP address. So for finding your routers IP address, you can check your router below because most of the router details are available below them.

If you fail in finding you router IP address then you should visit the Offical site of the manufacturer of the router. Almost every company provide all of the details requires for a customer on their website. Just search your router company name on google.

How to login Ip address?

I’ve created a list of some of the most popular router with their IP address along with username and password.

Router ManufacturerIP addressUser NamePassword

Below is the detailed guide about how you can access router settings using writing every router login guide is not possible, however, the process is the same with every router. You should try after reading the article and see what features your internet service provider is giving you.

How to login to a D-link router.

D-link login page
#Step 1 connect internet cable to your laptop or desktop.

#Step 2 see if the internet is connected and open the browser.

#Step3 Type the below URL in your browser.

#Step 4 you’ll see a login page just put administrator in username and password.

What’s the use of address? is the default router login page of most of the well-known router’s brand. By logging in your routers settings you can change the setting of your routers like password, wifi name and even change the security setting to make sure that no one will use your internet without your permission. Below are the settings you can tweak in routers settings. ip address

Turn wifi on/off – you can turn off and on your router in the settings. Turning on and off is not commonly done but in case if you’re accessing the internet using ethernet cable then you don’t need a wifi. And turning off wifi is a good option and it will save some electricity.
Fix Dead Internet – using the internet is a big problem because sometimes the internet can really mess up. One time I was sending an important mail to my friend and suddenly my internet stopped working. I called the customer care to report my issue but for solving the problem a person is required who can access the router settings so the customer representative could guide him. at that time I didn’t Knew how to access router setting so I had to wait for my internet service provider. but If you knew how to access the router settings then customer representative could help me in fixing the problem.
Security settings – hacking someone’s wifi is not very hard if the person not taking care of the security. So tweaking some setting according to your need is important because you don’t want some person to hack your router and get all your internet information.
Configure network settings – this is for the advanced user who wants to change some network setting like DNS, Gateway IP. All those setting can be changed with the router network setting. By tweaking some setting you can even increase the speed of your internet.

How to log in if you forgot your router’s username and password?

if you forget your password along with Username. You can not access the router settings but You can try logging in by using your default password. It will only work if you never changed your username and password. Because accessing your router setting is not possible without login credentials. If you ever changed the login credentials you need to follow the below processor.

Steps to recover router username and password.

If you never changed your router username and password and now want to access the settings. you should first look below your router. Many router companies provide the important information below the router. In case you changed the password before and now you forgot then don’t worry I will give you all the information needed to recover username and password. For recovering there are Not many options available. But the process is very simple you can follow below step by step process to gain access to your router setting.

#Step 1 discount ethernet cable from your computer

#Step 2 Look for the reset button on your router

#Step 3 you have to press the reset button until all led lights blinked

#Step 4 after that connect the ethernet cable to your computer

#Step 5 open in your browser

#Step 6 your username and password are reseted, means now the default login credentials is your new username and password.

Username – admin. 
password – password.

username – admin.
password – admin.

Conclusion is default login IP address of your router. It used for configuring your router setting like changing the password and making your internet security more advance. This IP address is necessary to access and configure internet setting. I’ve tried my best to include all the details from how to login in to how you can recover the password if you forgot the password. If you still having any problem in logging into your router settings and recovering password let me know in the comment section down below.

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