[Is it a virus] What is Acresso Software Manager And How to Get Rid Of It.

In this article i will give you all the information related to Acresso software manager. what it is or what this program do and how to remove it from windows . But before that a little bit about the program.

There are many programs which are built to run in the background. So no one will know about them and they can do the work. Most of the time the program runs in the background can slow your system and decrease the performance. which is not good for your laptop or desktop.

So the question comes to mind, what do these programs do. They are made by software companies to give a better user experience to their customer. The program will be connected to the software company so, whenever any new update will come, the program will automatically update it.

But sometimes these little programs, running silently in the background. Can make many problems like showing error every time you disconnect from the internet or slowing down your system

Some of the Errors are :

“Acresso software manager agent is trying to access the internet”

“The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and click Retry to continue.”

If you are getting an error like above. And wondering what’s the problem why I’m getting these errors. don’t worry I will give you full information and also, show you some methods to remove them.

What is Acresso software manager and what it does?

acresso software

Acresso software manager is a programme which builds for updating the software automatically.it runs in the background. It doesn’t ask for any permission before opening. As soon as you start your system.it automatically starts running in the background. Now, you will be thinking I haven’t installed this program then how it’s on my system.

It commonly comes with Nuance PDF Reader. Nuance builds this program to connect with their customer and give them regular updates. The programme can decrease your system performance because it always running in the background and require an internet connection all the time. You may also come to know about this after seeing the message “ Acresso software manager agent trying to access the internet”

These type of program comes with many popular software. You can found this Acresso software manager even if you never installed nuance pdf reader. It may be on your computer with a different name “isuspm.exe”.

Common problems occur by Acresso software manager

Pop-up – while you install any new software Acresso shows a pop-up to close the program.
Error – It will show the message like. Acresso trying to access the internet when you are not connected to the internet.
Performance – Because of the program running all the time. It will decrease the performance of your system and slow it down.

Is it malware or harmful to your computer?

No, it’s not a malware and also not harmful in any situation. If you want to update your software regularly then leave it and don’t do anything. It will make your work easy by automatically installing the software updates.
But some people don’t like updating every software, every time when a new update comes. Then you can follow the below steps to remove or uninstall this program.

Moreover, it can slow your system a little bit because it’ll use your system hardware all the time.

How to uninstall or remove Acresso software manager

There are 3 methods to remove this program. Which works great and easily do your work without any problem.

Methods 1

If you are using nuance pdf reader, then you can follow these methods to temporarily disabling the Acresso software manager.

Step:1 Go to the Nuance PDF reader
Step:2 On the top menu, select help section.
Step:3 Choose “Nuance on the web”
Step:4 Uncheck the option of “Automatic web update”

Done. Now it will not run on your system background to check for updates. So from now. If you want to update the software you have to manually update it.

Method 2

If you want to completely remove Acresso software manager from your system. Then you have to uninstall the main problem behind all of this. The nuance pdf reader is the reason why this program running on your system. So, by uninstalling pdf reader we can get rid of this program.

Following are the step which will help you in uninstalling the nuance pdf reader.

acresso software manager

Step 1: Search “Uninstall a program” in the search bar.
Step 2: it will take you to the list of all the program installed on your system.
Step 3: select the Nuance pdf reader and right click on it. Then click on the uninstall option.

Method 3

Above method will do the work but in some case, if they don’t work. Follow this method to block this program.

Step1: on the start menu, Search “system configuration” and press enter.
Step2: Go to the startup tab
Step3: It will give the option to open the task manager. Click on it
Step4: Now in the task manager. You will see all the program which run on startup of Window.
Step5: Right-click on Acresso software manager and Choose disable option.
Step6: Now, go to services tab and uncheck the program.
Step7: Just restart your system.


Acresso software manager is not harmful to your system. So you don’t need to worry about it. The program main and only purpose is to connect to the internet and find any new update for the software. The nuance pdf reader is behind these errors so if you not comfortable with these errors and unsuccessful to remove it from your system then you should consider uninstalling the pdf reader. For uninstalling, you can follow the above written step-by-step process. If you want any other help related to this topic or any other tech-related topic. You can comment down below I will surely try to best to answer your question. Thank you for reading.

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