What is Akamai Netsession Client And Should I Remove it ?

Are you getting any pop-up message asking to grant Akamai Netsession client permission to run? Or you recently saw akamai Netsession interface on your installed program list. And started wondering how this program gets on your Windows 7 or 10 Device without your knowledge. You may be thinking, is it a virus or can it be harmful to your system. don’t worry I have explained everything about Akamai client in this article. After reading the article you will be able to understand what this program is and how you can remove it from your windows device.

What is Akamai Netsession client?

What is akamai netsession interface
Akamai Netsession interface is a content delivery network. Which works in the form of a peer-to-peer network. Means downloading the file from other akamai users like you. who uses the Akamai Netsession client to download their files from internet. In simple language, it is a download manager which will gives you many features like, increase the download speed and give you a secure network. Many big companies use Akamai Net session to deliver their content. For example. When You are downloading a software, pdf files or any document from a companies website. There are good chances that download is powered by Akamai interface.

Is Akamai netsession Require?

It’s not compulsory to install Akamai net session client. It’s just an add-on to improve the performance of the network. But sometimes the data or file which you are trying to download. Is only available through Akamai Netsession. Then if you want to download that file you have to install the Akamai client first. Many people use Akamai to improve the download speed and security. so if you download to increase the speed of your download and also wanted to make sure that your download connection is secure. then you can use this softwae.

How did Akamai net session client got installed in your pc?

Basically, the client install on your system comes with other software in a bundle. Means if you install a software, some small software comes with it . Whenever we install any new software there is a option to uncheck, If you don’t want to install another program expect the program you’re installing. If you read the terms and conditions of the software with akamai client came. you’ll get to know that, it included in the software and you had clicked “i Agree” option.

Usually, it happens when we install a new program from the internet. The installer then installs some other add-ons on your computer without asking for any permission. You can uninstall them at any time.

How Akamai net session interface works?

akamai Netsession interface is a content delivery network. Which provide faster more secure and quality connection between the user and the data they want to stream or download. Many big companies use Akamai to deliver the content to the user. For example. If you play a game on your computer or laptop. When any new update comes to the Akamai net session automatically download the update and install it on your game. You don’t have to first download the update and then install it on your system. In simple word, Akamai is a software which helps you to download the file within a secure and quality network.

What is Akamai Netsession client used for?

It used by many software and media publisher to deliver files or streams to the users. Because companies want to deliver their content in the best quality. With Akamai net session they can give the user full speed and secure network. If you use the Netsession client. It will use a little amount of your upload bandwidth to help other users to download the data.

How to stop Akamai Netsession?

follow the below instruction to stop Akamai net session service.

Note: If any data is currently streaming or downloading to your computer. There are chances that you may lose the data or you have to restart your system to resume it.

Step#1 Go to start menu and type “system configuration”
Step#2 Head over to services tab
Step#3 Find “Akamai Netsession interface.
Step#4 Uncheck the box and see the status. It will change from running to stopped.

How to uninstall Akamai Netsession client.

There are two methods by which you can uninstall this software from your computer or laptop completely. Follow the given instruction below to uninstall it. I have provided instructions for both the Windows and Mac users.

Methods 1 – Uninstall a program ( For Windows )

Normally Uninstall a program or software is not complicated process in windows if it’s not a virus. You can uninstall any software in 4 to 5 clicks. For uninstall, net session follows the given steps below.
For windows user

what is akamai netsession interfaceStep 1: Head over to control panel
Step 2: select programs
Step 3: click on programs and features
Step 4: Find “Akamai Netsession interface”
Step 5: click on the program. You will get uninstall/change option.
Step 6: click on uninstall then it will ask you for permission to uninstall the program.
Step 7: Follow on-screen prompts.

Done. just restart your computer or laptop.

For mac user

Follow the given steps below:

Step-1 Go to the finder tool
Step-2 search for “Netsession interface”
Step-3 navigate to the folder containing the tool
Step-4 you will get uninstaller app along with other files
Step-5 double click on the uninstaller app
Step-6 Complete the uninstallation process by following the on-screen prompts.

Method 2 – CMD

IF, the first methods doesn’t work for you. Don’t worry You can easily remove net session with the help of cmd. This is an advanced method to uninstall any program from your computer. You can uninstall any program by following the below procedure.

For windows user

Step 1- Head over to start menu by clicking on the windows icon on the button left or just press the windows key on your keyboard.
Step 2- Click on search bar and type “CMD”. (Command prompt)
Step 3- click on CMD application
Step 4- in the next step you have to go to the directory where Netsession is installed. You can go to that folder using the DOS command.
Step 5- there are three commands you have to type one command and hit enter and change the <user-name> with your account username.

Cd Users\<user-name>\Appdata\local\akamai
Step 6: After that type below command and hit enter
Admintool.exe uninstall –force
Step 7: Wait for a few seconds to let the window to uninstall the Akamai tool.

For mac user

Step1: head over to applications
Step2: open utility folder
Step3: double left-click terminal
Step4: Now navigate to the folder containing akamai Netsession using the terminal.
Step5: location is ~/applications/Akamai
Step6: in the terminal. Type the below command and press return key

./admintool uninstall –force
Step 7: it will take a few seconds to uninstall the program completely.


I want to clear one doubt from your mind, Akamai Netsession is not a spyware or malware which could harm your system in any way. Akamai is like an add-on to increase the connection speed so that you can download any file faster just like people use internet download manager. It’s very different from IDM but both do the same work of increasing the download speed.

So, Before thinking of uninstalling the program. I advise you to check if the software is worth using. You can easily check if it’s work or not.

Just stop its service for some time and download any other program. To see if your system performed better or lower in comparison with Akamai Netsession client.

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