[Free] 7 Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android In 2019

Your Online Privacy is Important ?

If you agree with me then you should start using VPN for browsing the internet from next time. because now days websites tracks the users. what the user is searching or from which country the user is coming. So this is not good for your privacy.

For online privacy VPN works great. If you don’t know about what exactly VPN does. Read the rest of the article.you’ll get all the necessary information and list of 7 Best free unlimited VPN for android.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. VPN connect us to the internet with the assurance of security. In another word, VPN creates a secured network that allows us to access any website around the world without losing our privacy.

Using a VPN is very important for securing our privacy. because any hacker or a computer criminal can easily steal and use your data for any negative activity.

What VPN Does?

Sometimes when we try to open a website. the website returns a message “Your requested URL has been Blocked” that means you can’t access that website in your country

The solution to this problem is:

Let say, you want to access a website that is blocked in your country, for doing this you first need a VPN. what VPN does is. It changes your IP address, so when you try to access that website it shows the website that you’re coming from some other country.

VPN is also good if you want to browse the internet anonymously. A VPN takes care of your privacy and security.

Below is the list of 7 Best free VPN for android.

7 Best Free Unlimited VPN For Andriod.

#1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy.

Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android 2018

Hotspot shield unblocks all geo-restricted contents. It Encrypts all your traffic and gives you, all the access to media, social apps, and networks across the world. It stops all the tracker from tracking your IP address and Hide your Identity, and location from all the trackers. Hotspot shield is one of the most download Andriod VPN. It has 50 Million downloads on Andriod play store

#2. Droid VPN

Droid VPN encrypts your internet traffic and offers you unrestricted speed and Block ads while you browse, With Droid VPN you can visit all the websites that you can’t visit, with your own IP address, It’s very simple and easy to use VPN. you can connect by just taping on its widget and sometimes it provides paid hotspot for free.

If your android version is below 4.0 then it requires root

DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN
DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot
  • DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN Screenshot

#3. Speed VPN

free unlimited vpn

speed VPN offers you to connect all the geographically restricted websites, prevent your IP from trackers and takes good care of your privacy. It also offers you many locations to connect (United state, Canada, France and so more). For each connection, Speed VPN gives 180 minutes. and the best part no setting requires, no registration and no root.

SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy
SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy
Developer: GoSpeed Software
Price: Free+

#4. SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN is an Avast product. Avast is commonly known for their anti-virus security. they are very popular company for securing our data and protecting our information. SecureLine VPN is Free to use VPN, you can use it without any limits. Just download it and connect to Vpn servers in 22 countries around the world. It has so many small features that will make your browsing buttery, features like encrypt your connection on unsecured public wifi and Reconnect automatically to Vpn when you switch from wifi to data

#5. Hideman VPN

unlimited vpn for android

Hideman VPN is the Best free unlimited VPN for Android. It protects your Information and internet data with there strong 256-bit encryption. After using Hideman VPN you don’t need to worry about any data protection because it prevents you from all tracker systems by hiding your IP address.It also offers ad-free browsing with amazing speed.

Hideman VPN
Hideman VPN
Developer: ETsoft
Price: Free+

#6. Psiphon Pro

Psiphon pro has thousands of servers around the world so you can browse anywhere anytime. You can see the stats of how much data you have used so far and it has so many customization settings you can also change proxy settings and make Psiphon your own VPN. In many countries, some sites are not allowed so with the help of Psiphon pro you can visit those websites.

#7. Touch VPN

7 best free vpn for android

Touch VPN offer their strong SSL encryption which will make you fully anonymous, secured and keep you protected means you can browse any website around the world without losing your identity. they provide unlimited VPN, no session, speed and bandwidth limitation, it’s fully free, no trials, no credit card information. 100% Free.


Using a VPN is must if you’re serious about your privacy and security while surfing the internet because now many people lose their private data while browsing harmful websites. The above-listed VPN’s are the “Best Free unlimited VPN for Android” in 2019. Use them and let me know which is your best Virtual Private Network app.

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