9 Simple Ways To Solve Fallout 4 Crash On Startup 2019

Many gamers faced fallout 4 crash on startup. When they try to open the game. It became a common problem among all gamers who want to play Fallout 4. Take me as an example I, myself downloaded the game. In a hope that it’ll run without any errors or crash. But it crashes When I click the play button.

It’s a terrible feeling when you put in so much time to Download more than 28gb files and You still can not play the game.

fallout 4 crashing on start

So after finding about game crashing problem. I spend many hours finding the solution and finally after going through many website and videos. I was able to find the problem, Which was stopping the game from running. After changing some settings. The game is running perfectly fine.

Now, You will be thinking how he able to run the game. We have tried every solution possible. There are many reasons which are causing this problem.

With me, Fallout 4 crashing on start, because my anti-virus was stopping it from running.

In this article. I will take you through the 9 simple fixes. Which will help you in playing the game without any crash on when you start the game.

Why Fallout 4 crashing on start?

Many people facing different problems with Fallout 4. With some people, the game is crashing after playing for a few minutes, for some people game stuck on loading screen and for some game crashing on the loading screen.

The main reason behind all this game crashing is video resolution or your graphics card. First check, If your graphics card is properly working. And meets the requirements of playing the game).

How to Solve Fallout 4 crash on startup Problem

Here are some of the most common and powerful solution for this fallout 4 crashing issue.

1.Update the game to the latest version.

Before trying any method. You should update the game to it’s latest version. Many times some bugs make the game crash. That’s the reason why the game developer updates the game time to time. The update makes the game to run a little bit better than before and add some new features.

Updating the game is important. It improves the game performance, stability and security of your game. You should check for update every month. And update them as soon as an update comes.

Check your game for the latest update. You can check for update on the steam client. If any update available. Update the games and restart the Pc. Then try to open the game and check if fallout 4 crash on startup.

2.Disable the Anti-virus

Anti-virus sometimes stops the games from running. It happened to me. I tried every possible solution. The game didn’t work. But after disabling the anti-virus. It worked without any problem. So what you can do is. You first have to disable your anti-virus. you can disable by following the simple steps. Click on show hidden icons on the taskbar.

fallout 4 crashing on startup

And Right click on Anti-virus icon. Choose Disable or exit option.

After Disable the anti-virus. Check if the game is running with crashing. This method work for me, not only with Fallout 4 but with many games.

3.Update your Graphics card Drivers.

An outdated graphics driver can cause the game crash. Graphics card companies like Nvidia and AMD. Releases their driver update regularly. Which helps many times running the game. So why not try updating the drivers. It would definitely improve the performance of your graphics card.

Sometimes the new driver can also cause these crashing problems. If you have updated the latest version of graphics drivers. Try to download an earlier version of the driver from the website.

You can update graphics drivers from Nvidia or your manufacturer’s website. Just search for your graphics card and download the latest version of drivers.

4.Lower graphics setting in the game

fallout 4 crash on startup

Maybe game crashing because of your graphics card is not capable of running the game. Check Fallout 4 pc requirement from Here. If you are using an old graphics card. Don’t worry by lowering the setting will let you play the game. You can change the resolution. Choose the resolution which your monitor has.

In fallout 4 option. Tick the windowed mode and Borderless. And click Ok. Now check if it works. if fallout 4 crash on startup. Then follow the remaining steps.

fallout 4 crashing on windows 10

You can try with every setting option, go to advance and lower all the setting and resolution. Then try to run.

If you are using a Laptop. You can try one more thing. Go to Battery settings option in the control panel and click on High Performance. Laptops run on battery. So this setting doesn’t let laptop run to its full potential. Because if the laptop will be using it’s full power. The battery will drain quickly.

Note: If you able to run game in windowed mode. Then apply these settings to increase the window size. Open C:\Users\username\Documents\mygames\fallout4

Open fallout4prefs.ini. Find these variables and change them with these given values.



bFull Screen=0

iSize H=1080

iSize W=1920

Save the change and check the game.

5.Verify integrity of game files

Most of the time game shows an error because of some missing files. Those missing files are essential to run the game. That’s why games don’t run most of the time. Steam has an option which will do this work for you. Steam will go through all the games files and check for any missing file or corrupt file and then steam will fix those file or replace with the new file by downloading it again.For using this option. Go to steam and Library.

fallout 4 crash issue

Right click on Fallout 4 game icon and click on Properties.

fallout 4 won't launch

In local files section, you’ll see “Verify Integrity of game files”. Just click on it and it will check all the game files. If anything wrong. Don’t forget to restart the pc after completing the process. And check if the is running without any issue.

6.Mouse acceleration issue

According to Fallout 4 players. Mouse acceleration issue is common across the players. You can quickly fix it by changing some files.

fallout 4 crash of startup

Browse to Fallout directory.

Locate file name “Fallout4prefs” and open. Change “ipresentinterval = 1” to “ipresentinterval = 0”. Follow this steps with “Fallout4prefs” file and “bforcelgnoreSmoothness”. Now save the file successfully. and check if fallout crash on startup still happening.

fallout 4 has stopped working

7.Run the game in Compatibility mode

Different games require different settings. For instance, some old games require to have windows 7. Though now, all new games support windows 10 but the old games ask for older versions of operating system. You can try to run Fallout 4 on compatibility mode. Sometimes it works great. compatibility mode will try to run your game in different settings with lower graphics. For running any game in compatibility mode. Right click on Fallout4exe. And choose the last option “properties”. Now select Compatibility tab and try different settings. after changing settings. Try running the game and see if fallout 4 crash on startup still happening.

Fallout crash on start

8.Fallout 4 requires a 64-bit operating system

Fallout 4 is not compatible with a 32-bit system. If you have a 32-bit system on your computer. You can not play Fallout 4.Fallout 4 only work on a 64-bit operating system. If you want to play the game on your Pc. You first have to install a 64-bit operating system. Now you may be thinking to upgrade. Keep one thing in mind. You can not convert a 32-bit operating system to 64-bit. These are two different products.

You first have to delete currently installed operating system. Then install a 64-bit operating system. And download the game. Install it and check if fallout 4 crash on startup or not.

9.Uninstall the game and Re-Install again

If none of the above methods works for you. You can just uninstall the game and re-install it again. But make sure that you delete all the fallout 4 files. So no previous file will affect your new install.

For uninstalling the game. Open steam client, go to Library. Right click on Fallout 4 and select uninstall option.

A pop up will open. Just click yes ( delete local content ). After completion of uninstalling. Once again check for any file related to Fallout 4. If any file still there, Delete the file. And restart your pc. Now Download the game again and install. I hope this time fallout 4 crash on startup doesn’t happen.

Other Problem related to Fallout 4 crash on startup on windows 10 or 7 with solutions

People are facing many different problems with Fallout 4 on Windows 10. I’ve listed some common issues with the solution.

Fallout 4 not responding

Check if any other application running in the background causing the issue. Because Some application doesn’t work while another application is already running in the background.

Fallout 4 black screen

If you are getting this issue. Check your graphics card. If you are not using any dedicated graphics card. That’s why it’s crashing at the time of starting the game. Because your computer is not capable of handling the game. games of today require a dedicated graphics card to play the game.

Fallout 4 has stopped working

This is a common issue among gamers. It comes when your windows are not compatible with your game. For solving this issue. You can run your game on compatibility mode.

Fallout 4 x3daudio1_7.dll is missing

Games require many components installed on your computer to run the game. This “x3daudio1_7.dll is missing” issue can be solved by installing Direct x and C++ Redistributables.


These above solutions worked for many gamers like you and me across the world. I hope it’ll work for you. I’ve tried my best to solve fallout 4 crashes on startup problem. If you able to solve this issue. share it with your friends, who facing the same crash problem with Fallout 4 and let me know in the comment section below.

If you still able to play the game. Comment down below with your exact problem. I’ll try my best to solve Your game issue.

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