How To Find Saved Wifi Password In Android without Root

Andriod is the most popular operating system in mobile devices because it makes our work easy and I’m sure After using android devices many people have stopped remembering their wifi password.

You may have saved a lot of password on your Andriod device

and it’s pretty standard to forget wifi password If you have multiple connections.

Recovering your saved wifi password is not easy, like recovering your saved wifi password on your pc/Laptop in windows. For finding your android saved wifi password. You first need to root your android device but Many users ignore rooting because it comes with some pros and cons.

Finding saved password on a rooted android device is very easy in comparison to a not rooted device.

So In this post, I will not talk about how to recover wifi password by rooting android device instead of I will show you how to find wifi password without root and wifi key recovery without root.

There’re many methods to do that

How To Find Wifi Saved Password By Changing Router Settings.

Just follow the given instructions without changing any other settings. Changing any setting of your router can damage your wifi network

#1.  Open any browser on your android device.

#2. Type or in URL. If any error occurs. You can check your IP by searching whatismyip on google.

#3. Open the above URL. It will take you to Your router login page

saved wifi password recoverIf you have not changed your username and password before. try to login with default username and password

Default Username – admin
Password –  admin

If it shows wrong username or password then call your ISP to know default username and password

#4. after successfully logged-in. you’ll see all the setting option. Just go to the security settings or wireless settings.

How to see saved password

#5. You can change your password if you want or see what is your password.

How To Find Saved Wifi Password On Android With ADB Driver(Require Pc/Laptop)

This method is hard, so follow all the steps correctly.

#1. First, you need to open developer option on your Android device settings for that go to settings and select About Phone

#2. In About Phone you’ll see Build number or Kernel version, just tap on this 5to 6 times and you’ll a message “You are now a developer”

#3. Go back to setting and there will be a developer option. Open the option and enable USB debugging option in debugging section.

Andriod wifi saved password

#4. Install ADB driver on your Pc/Laptop From below link


#5. After installation go to Local disc C\windows\system32\platform_tools and right click and select “open command window here”

wifi saved password

#6. Now connect your android device to Pc

#7. Open cmd (go to windows icon and search cmd) and type ADB services and press enter After that, you’ll see all of your attached devices

see saved password andriod

#8. Type


ADB pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf


This is the file which store wifi password. This command will fetch all the file from your phone to local disc c drive.

#9. Go to the Local disc C\windows\system32\platform_tools and open the file in notepad.

recover saved password


How To Find Saved Wifi Password In MI/Redmi device

So if you’re using a Mi/Redmi device it’s super easy to find saved wifi password but first, you have to connect to that wifi.

#1. Drop down the notification and press the wifi icon, it will take you to the connected device section and you’ll see a “Tap to share Password.

#2. Click the “tap to share password” and take screenshot of QR CODE

wifi saved password recover

#3. Now to go to scanner application in tool and click on the right top corner icon and select QR Code screenshot
It will scan your QR code and Show you all the information.

I Hope you like my post Find saved wifi password without root. If you’re still able to get your saved password. Consider Rooting your Andriod device.

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