{Working} How To Download Music From Tumblr In 2019

Today I’ll be showing you a trick, How to download music from Tumblr. But first a little bit about tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and a social networking website where you can share what you love (text, photos, Music, and videos) and follow your favorite blogs.

In another word:How to download music from tumblr

It’s a streaming scrapbook of texts photos, videos, and audio clips. it’s a cross between a blog and a twitter feed.

Sometimes what happens when we were scrolling our feed we like a song and we want to download that song but there was no download button. If you’re one of those, who struggles with this problem. Don’t worry.

Here is the Trick which will help you to download music from Tumblr.

Note:- this method will work only if you using Chrome or Firefox browser.

How to Download Music From Tumblr Using Extension

With the use of Browsers Extension, it will be easier to download audio from Tumblr.

Chrome browser

#1. Go to List menu icon, select more tools option and then Extension.

#2. Search for TumTaster extension, and click on Add the extension button.

#3. Find the audio on Tumblr and play it. You will see “click to download”, just right click the button then you will see “Save Link as”. Select where you want to store the audio file.

download tumblr audio

FireFox Browser

#1. Go to Add-on option and find Greasemonkey Extension and install it.

#2. A new Money-icon will be appearing with all of your extension. You just have to enable it by checking the Enable option. ( If you will not see any new icon. Don’t worry just restart your browser once)

#3. Find the audio on Tumblr and play it. You will see click to download option. Just right click the button and click save link as,

Download tumblr audio using chrome or firefox

If anyone knows how to use Developer Options in chrome or any browser. Downloading any kind of file becomes so easy. Most people use Firefox and chrome and it’s so easy to download just follow all the steps and done.

#1. Go to the Tumblr page where the audio is uploaded.

#2. Play the audio file and right click on the Audio player

#3. Select Inspect option Or Ctrl+Shift+I.

#4. Select Network option from toggle Menu.

#5. Choose media option and right click the file and choose Open in new window.

#6. Select save as and locate where you want to store it.

How to download tumblr audio

Note:- This method will not work if the audio file is embedded.

Download Songs From Tumblr using System audio recorder.

This method works perfectly. You can record audio with help of system audio recorder. Just download it from below link.


Before recording anything you have to change one setting because we only want audio so you first turn off Microphone device and turn on system audio.

download audio from tumblr

#1. Open Tumblr page where the audio is uploaded.

#2. As per your requirement, change some audio recorder settings.

#3. Play the audio file and click Record.


Checkout this video for more ways to download songs from tumblr.


I hope this tutorial about how to download music from Tumblr worked for you. Let me know in the comment section down below.Which file you want to download I will download that file for you.

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  1. Hi, this information is really helpful. Indeed this is another option to get audios from Tumblr. But I personally take care of my phone or computer’s software so I use online free software to get videos and audio from Tumblr. As of this moment I use Acethinker Free Online Audio recorder to record audios instead of downloading. The quality of the recording the same as the original track. So I don’t have to download anymore.
    And i consider it safe since there will no copyright issues. By the way, it records the system sounds so the quality is guaranteed good with no background noise. I hope this helps

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